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Wildlife club for kids this summer

The Woodland Trust have come up with a fantastic wildlife club and website for kids - perfect to keep them entertained this summer!

'Nature Detectives' is a groundbreaking wildlife club with literally 1000s of ideas, games and downloads

Check it out at

When is the best time to mow the lawn and how often to achieve the most optimum playing conditions?

When should fairways and tees be renovated?
How often should the irrigation system be checked and commissioned?
When should I be topping up the bunkers?
When is the best time to set and mark out my tennis courts?
Every time we aerate our pitches the ground is smeared – why is this happening and how can we resolve this?
Towards the end of the rugby season, what should we be doing to ensure the grounds don’t need too much maintenance and keep renovation for next season to a minimum?

Oasis offer a comprehensive service for all sports grounds maintenance including – rugby pitches, football pitches, cricket pitches, hockey pitches, netball courts, athletics track and field as well as synthetic surfaces
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Watch this space for some tips and tricks to keep your pitches in tip top condition throughout the year



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