Legal Stuff

Do I need planning permission for my driveway?

Generally speaking, a new driveway or patio does not need planning permission or building regulations approval if you use permeable paving and have sufficient drainage to ensure runoff from non-permeable surfaces does not go onto the roads. If you are thinking of changing your front garden, driveway or patio area and are unsure, we can advise the best course of action in line with current legislation as well as provide solutions for any landscaping project


The council say my garden is within a conservation zone. What does that mean?

Conservation area is a blanket protection zone usually encompassing many properties. All trees with a breast height stem diameter of 3 inches and above are protected, shrubs and hedging are not covered by this order. The local authority should be informed of any proposed works, if they do not respond within six to eight weeks; you are free to carry out the work. We can provide all the necessary guidance and support in making any applications to the local council and can provide this on an ad hoc basis or as part of your grounds maintenance contract


Are you insured?

We are fully insured with both public and employers liability insurance – please do take a look at our insurance documents online.