Team Spirit

The Oasis Family – Our Vital Statistics!!

At a combined age of just under 500 years old, we have 88 years worth of experience in transforming landscapes and have eleven children! We have some very curious past times including making wine, lifting weights, playing in a band and fishing! We travel quite a bit too and have been to Gibraltar, Isle of Wight, Malawi, Kenya, Borneo, Thailand, Holland, Poland and some oil rigs. Among our curious pets we have a duck, a stick insect, a cat with no tail, a tortoise, a Chincilla and a three legged dog!

Some people think we’re a little strange ….. however, think of all these wonderfully rich experiences being used to create a unique perspective to your grounds and gardens!


Why choose this industry?

Everyday is different for our teams - from rain to shine; restoring a stone wall; laying a patio; feeding, seeding and weeding - what makes them get out of bed in the morning?

Check out this major garden landscaping project – with such an amazing budget and so many different elements - all the team wanted to be part of this assignment!

Project 1